My First Comic Ever. 

                     Nothing Like Some Innocent Suicide Humour.


                       Old Men Should Watch Where They're Going.

                                               Just A Bit Distracted.

                                                          Yum.. Incest.

                                                 I Hate Happy Endings.

                                                        The Internet King.



Heh heh poor girl. xD This is my first webcomic xD Too much time on your hands = webcomic.















































This one is depressing and rather sick. The poor guy has a loved one die in the hospital, gets bullied at school and his parents are never home and assumes suicide is the best way to end it. .















































 A normal girl is having a bad day.  She forgets her combo, gets called fat and nerdy by more popular girl and has an over all bad day. When she goes to her locker she  sees a card and a flower left by someone.










































Heh heh... self explainitory really. 





















































He liked his iPod.










































Wow. This coulda happened out here in the sticks and it would have been completly normal... what does that say about where I live? xD


































































Happy ending





























This one is dedicated to my friend Abbeh... the future internet king.



(The guy in the chair is the Internet King.) 

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